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The story behind the brand

Únic was born when other dreams died. In December 2016, Joonas Kylmäkorpi, professional world champion motorcycle racer, was in the operating theatre at the hospital in Andorra la Vella, after a horrific crash during his pre-season preparations. He knew then that his dreadful injuries could be the end of his career.

A few years earlier, Cédric Gracia, mountain biking legend, had been in the same hospital, a few rooms away, recovering from yet another racing injury. Knowing the trauma that Kylmäkorpi was going through, Gracia was a frequent hospital visitor. That was when, between conversations about life, racing, dreams and goals, the idea of a revolutionary clothing brand began and evolved into what we have today.

Gracia knows the mountain biking world better than anyone else and recognises the growing need to own riding gear that is not only top quality but also unique. Customising bikes is now widely available and accessible, and also more and more popular among the cycling fraternity. But while people can personalise how their bikes look, the clothing industry has lagged behind and has not been able to offer customised products. Gracia and Kylmäkorpi know that nowadays people want to be wild, to be free…to be unique. Inspired by the mountain biking culture in Andorra, where they both live, they created the concept of Únic, meaning unique in the Catalan language.

After an intense year of research, the development of the Únic project took off at the beginning of 2018. The team joined forces with Tomasz Wlodarczyk, who was appointed Chief Technology Officer. The first samples of the mountain biking clothing had exceptionally positive reviews and Únic immediately gained the trust of the cycling fraternity, supplying the colourful racewear of the Maxi and Megavalanche events as an official partner.


QUALITY - Únic provides cycling clothing that is produced and developed with attention to the smallest details. We travel the world to research and test top quality fabrics and before we put any garment up for sale, we ‘road test’ it under varying climatic and geographic conditions…hot, cold, rocks, desert, mud, rain. You name it! Únic is a revolutionary brand that offers high-tech and fully customisable clothing.

PASSION - Andorra is known as ‘the territory of cyclists. A passionate cycling culture inspires us to constantly progress and develop. We care not only about how our clothing performs under all conditions and circumstances, but also how it makes people feel. Únic is not only the name of our brand but a philosophy of being true to yourself while doing what you love.

FREEDOM – Cycling for us and the millions who enjoy the pastime, is not only a physical activity but is about the feeling you get when you go riding. Alone or with a bunch of friends, there’s the exhilaration you feel when you are on the bike or enjoying an after-ride beer. Pushing, struggling, crashing or just cruising, cycling is freedom and there are no limits, no barriers, no restrictions. Únic gives you freedom of choice and allows you to express yourself.


Joonas Kylmäkorpi - CEO and founder
Ex-professional motorcycle racer, four times FIM World Long Track Champion, and international title-winning speedway rider. His success is due to his self-determination and striving to be the best. After fracturing more than 40 bones in his race career, he became a business entrepreneur and a ‘full-time thinker'. In sport and in business he is guided by the same belief: “Go hard or go home!”

Cédric Gracia - Ambassador and co-founder
Legendary mountain biker who, in 20 years as a professional racer, rode BMX, downhill, freeride and enduro. Now semi-retired he believes that having fun is more important than winning. Despite this philosophy, he is famous for winning the Red Bull Rampage and for almost dying… twice.

Tomasz Włodarczyk – CTO and co-founder
Únic's specialist in research of innovation of fabrics, cuts and designs. Since being the coolest kid of the block with a pushbike and homemade racewear, he had big dreams of having his own clothing brand. From the love to "4 riders, 4 laps" kind of sport, he became World and European Team Champion in cycle speedway. He’s driven by the motto “Can’t find a way, make a way!".

Sandra Kylmäkorpi - PR and Media Manager
Since she was a teenager, she’s been a reference as a female voice in the men's sports world as a Journalist, presenter and public relations specialist. After working for TV, magazines and online media, she became her own boss running online businesses and being a full-time mum. She handles 48h worth of responsibilities into a 24h day "thanks" to OCD, stubbornness and a mantra "don't dream it, do it.".