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Únic specialises in bespoke cycling gear. All orders are made from scratch, according to customers’ preferences. We do not buy a large amount of stock from overseas. Instead, we design and manufacture our products in Europe for each individual order. Every step of the production is supervised by our specialised Únic team as this is the only way we can always guarantee top quality.


Once the customer places an order, the garment is cut out in our advanced fabrics. Using exclusive technology, the design chosen by a particular client, such as colour, name and national flag, are printed into the material. The race gear is then sown together, uniquely packed and shipped to the final destination. Selling on-demand clothing is the only way Únic can fulfil its mission – to provide high-tech custom MTB wear. Where we differ from other brands in the market is that the customised details are applied straight into the fabric, instead of being added by heat press on a ready-made product. This way, we make sure that the graphics cannot wash out or fade away. The  Únic mindset focuses on craftsmanship, making sure we control the minutest detail of the production process.


We are constantly searching for better solutions that will make the cycling experience even more unique. Únic gear has been tested by top class professionals – with Cédric Gracia himself wearing it – amateurs and weekend warriors. Prototype clothes were worn by people of different ages and shapes - women, men and kids. Their opinions and ideas influenced the development process. Before the brand was launched, Únic was ridden in most extreme weather conditions and washed at least a hundred times. We searched for the manufacturing and design solutions to ensure we are producing next-generation products. Our progressive gear embraces both advanced fabrics and attention to detail. We recognise that the perfect fit is often determined by changes of just millimetres and the best performances are always driven by innovation.

The cool factor

Únic was created through our unique mindset. Our philosophy is to provide high-tech and fully customisable mountain biking wear. Have you ever found a jersey that you fancy, but wished it was in a different colour? Do you struggle to find clothing matching and complementing your bike? We give you that freedom of choice. We want you to be unique. We want you to stand out in a crowd.
Únic supplies the designs – you decide the colours. You can play with and change the look as much as you want, thanks to our intuitive customisation module. But then you can go further, to where no-one else has been by adding your name, logos and even your country flag. When you are done, save the design and share it with your friends! How cool is that? Cycling is our passion, we understand that people have different needs. This is why we offer two collections: ‘Racy’ and ‘Casual’. You can look like a pro or go for a more casual and slick style. And we are never going to be left behind as Únic not only adds new designs twice a year, but literally whenever YOU want! The only limitation is our – and your – imagination!