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Now you can have custom riding kit to match your custom MTB

Mountain bikers love to look different with something custom, this is why Únic was set up. To produce custom mountain bike clothing and make it available for everyone.
Now you can have custom riding kit to match your custom MTB

Custom clothing to match your bike made easy.

Mountain bikers love to look different with something custom. It's fairly common to see custom bikes on local trails and shredding up bike parks. Bikes with colour coordinated components and built with the parts that make the ride just how you like it, so why is it we don't see so many custom riding kits?

Traditionally it has been very difficult to convince a factory to create a custom kit unless of course, you're a professional mountain biker. Factories tend to create a run of clothing then manufacture 1000's of identical jerseys, shorts and pants at once. To switch this all off to make just 1 unique custom kit would cost a fortune.

This is one of the reasons Únic was set up. We understand that mountain bikers love to have that individual look, and we know from first-hand experience that finding the riding gear that suits our own style can be difficult and frustrating, but not any longer.

Únic isn't like other clothing manufacturers. We don't create cookie-cutter designs and styles, instead, we specialise in creating unique clothing designed by you through our easy online editing tool.

We don't ask for a minimum order quantity and there is no minimum spending requirement. You can choose to design and make a single pair of shorts for yourself or design a full race kit for you and your team.


Únic caters for every mountain biker who wants to have that pro feel to their clothing and standout from the crowd. Professional mountain bikers can design their kit with sponsor logos, their country flag and even their name. 

Not a pro? That's great too! Design your kit to reflect who you are. Go stealthy, racy casual or pro. It's all up to you.

At Únic we didn't just want to make customisable mountain bike clothing, we also want to make the best performing riding gear on the planet. We use top of the line, high-performance materials to ensure you stay comfortable in every situation, and pack our clothing with features that you won't find from any other brand.

Oh, and we're affordable too! Check out our pricing for unique custom riding clothing and compare it to off the shelf riding kit and you'll be surprised.

One last thing, Únic mountain bike kit and clothing are all manufactured at our factories here in Europe, so you can be sure of the highest quality and fast delivery too.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your custom mountain bike clothing today.